3 Tips to Eliminate Pet Odors

pet odorsIn the United States, more than 67 percent of households have a pet. If you want to discover how to get rid of pet odors, read further for our top 3 tips.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

There isn’t any beating a heavy-duty cleaning that a professional carpet cleaning service provides. They are better equipped than standard households to handle the removal of stains and odors along with it.

Professional carpet cleaning services own many different kinds of instruments that help them remove tough odors and stains. Also, they use special cleaner mixes that are meant to deal with stains, as well as the causes behind bad odors.

With professional carpet cleaning services, it’s possible to avoid spending hours of your time scrubbing at your carpet and instead get a service to care for the problem.

Enzymatic Cleaner

If you wish to eliminate the ammonia odor from urine, you will have to locate a cleaner with special enzymes which break down those chemical components. Enzymatic cleaners work by having good, non-pathogenic bacteria which digest odors, stains, and wastes. The good bacteria inside the enzymatic cleaner creates enzymes which specialize at the breakdown of molecules that are responsible for the smell.

After you have blotted up as much pet urine in the carpet as you can, spray the cleaner over the stained space. Permit the cleaner to soak in for a few minutes, and blot it up. If the stain was there for many days, it might need to be repeatedly cleaned to thoroughly extract the stain and accompanying smell.

When finished cleaning, put a towel over the space then stand on top of it for a few minutes. You will want to be certain that you absorb all of the moisture in order to prevent a process referred to as wicking from happening. When wicking occurs, even if the odor has vanished, the stain is going to remain no matter what.

HEPA Filter

Foul smells may linger inside the air and lead to health issues such as chronic headaches and respiratory irritation. HEPA filters specialize in removing and trapping small particles.

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