air duct cleaning servicesIf there is one thing all of us have in common, it is that all of us have seen our electric bills and thought, “How did my bill rise so high?” If you attempt to be conservative with the use of the heat or air conditioner inside your home, it may be very confusing when month upon month, you aren’t witnessing the price decline like it should.

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There might be one main reason why you aren’t noticing lower electric bills month upon month: a filthy HVAC system. Mold, clogged air filters, bacteria, dust, and other debris all can make the HVAC system less effective, which, as a result, costs you more on your utility bill.

A duct cleaning—which comprises a full debris removal, as well as application of antimicrobial cleaning solutions—won’t just make your electric costs decline, but it also will improve the air quality indoors.

Air Duct Cleaning: What is it?

The HVAC system may get dirt, dust and debris like pet dander and hair caught in the coils, motors, and vents. It’ll create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow—which then is cycled throughout your house, possibly causing allergies and respiratory problems. In order to keep the systems efficient and working (thereby saving you on utility expenses), it is critical to keep them clean.

An expert air duct cleaning provider, like King’s Cleaning Solutions, will help you clean your ducts, HVAC system and all of its elements.

Here is what the procedure comprises:

1. Cleaning of the squirrel cage, HVAC unit, fan, as well as accessible air handling furnace components
2. An air vent cleaning, including the hand washing and removal of vent covers
3. Duct vacuuming to extract debris
4. Antimicrobial treatment application that disinfect all surfaces
5. Cleaning of all surrounding vent spaces
6. Vent cover reinstallation
7. Filter cleaning and replacement

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