Before You Replace Your Church’s Carpets Read This

carpet cleanupWhen a carpet develops bleach spots, stains, or faded spaces inside a church, oftentimes the church administrator will determine that it’s time to replace the carpeting. Church administrators often replace carpeting even though it is in good condition, simply because of the carpet’s looks. Rather than replacing carpet that’s stained, has bleach spots, and/or is dull in color, why not restore the carpeting through carpet dyeing services?

Carpet dyeing is an alternative solution before you decide to replace you carpets. For more information, contact Kings Cleaning Solution now at (765) 698-5096.

Does Carpeting Have to Be Replaced?

Carpet replacement is expensive and will require time to have the carpet replaced and removed. Carpet replacement will interrupt a variety of church services and activities. Oftentimes a church administrator does not have to replace the carpet yet instead restore it. Carpeting inside a church is the perfect candidate as it usually is well maintained. Over a period of time color fades and bleach spots occur. When that happens it’s a waste to just have the carpets replaced. That’s where carpet dyeing services come into play. Carpet dye services help to restore color after fading.

How is the Carpet Dyed?

Depending upon the kind and size of the carpet, the dye might be applied using a large sprayer and machine that’s similar to a carpet cleaning machine. The dye service knows which technique will better suit the carpet. While dyeing the carpet, the service redyes the carpet back to its initial color. But if the church manager wants, the carpets may be dyed a new color. If the manager decides to change the carpet’s color, the color is darker than the initial color as the professional will be applying dye over the existing color of the carpet. When changing the color of the carpet, the church administrator has a variety of colors to pick from. Depending upon the size or quantity of rooms, carpet dyeing may be fast and in some instances the whole church may be redyed in one day. The dyes that are used for carpet are non-toxic and won’t wash out, rub away, or transfer.

Instead of replacing your carpets, invest in the carpet dye services of King’s Cleaning Solutions in Kokomo IN. Call us today at (765) 698-5096.

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