Professional Dye Carpet Kokomo INQuality carpeting that is less than 10 years old, seldom demands replacement carpeting. Perhaps the carpeting is almost new yet somehow looks abused and old. Most times carpets are not coming apart, torn up, or worn down, yet still appear as if they need to be replaced. How will it happen? It might be that you have children who are careless with juice, or a pet being potty-trained, or perhaps the sunshine merely has its way with the fibers.

Carpet dyeing professionals can apply a new color to carpet fibers or cover blemishes up to fit the preexisting color. A fast dye job is an efficient and secure method of restoring old carpets without the extra cost.

Concepts of Carpet Dyeing

It is not like painting a piece of wood; you cannot simply cover up its imperfections. Carpet dyeing professionals are trained in color coordinating concepts. Unlike additional home renovations, you do not want this job to be admired or seen; you want it to look seamless and natural. Thereby, experts use different supplies and techniques, so the dye stays invisible.

  • Spot Control: Unless bleach causes them, stains typically are not perfectly white. They are instead usually a pinkish color because of spills or sun-fade. Thereby, to gain the original shade of the fabric back, the stain must be offset by a counteracting shade, which will take a lot of expert application, specific knowledge, and training.
  • Re-Coloring: If you have a desire to recolor, you must know that if the original carpet is yellow and you have a desire for it to be brown, you must compensate by utilizing dyes of opposite color. Additionally, be aware that it’s not possible to tint it a lighter shade, you only can go darker.
  • Safety Supplies: A certified technician only uses products which are safe for the environment, pets, and children. Also, these dyes immediately colorfast to the fibers and can’t be vacuumed, walked, or rubbed off, assuring lifelong results.

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