Carpet Odors – What To Do Between Professional Carpet Solutions

pet-carpet-odor-removal-Kokomo INKing’s Cleaning Solutions we understand that life has a habit of getting in the way of other things you are trying to do, and this includes accidents and spills on carpet.  You can help keep carpet odors at a minimum with a bit of know-how and regular, scheduled cleanings from your friends at King’s Cleaning Solutions.

You need to learn the quick and simple three-step process.  It is simply:

You will need to:

  • Prevent
  • Identify
  • Have King’s Cleaning Solutions

The first two steps are for you, and you can see the last step is for us to handle.  Let’s look at the steps in some detail.

Even the most careful and cautious will have carpet odor.  The best way to keep odors out of carpet is to minimize the opportunity for them to make their way into the carpet.  This means following a few simple house rules like limiting food and drink to the eating areas like the kitchen and dining rooms.

Previous water damage, unless cleaned completely, can cause its own set of issues.  Small amounts of improperly dried water will cause bacteria and mold to set in.  This can bring serious problems to your home and family if not properly treated.

The family pet can be a problem too.  Occasional pet accidents are going to happen, but you can keep your pet clean from coming in from outside.  Clean paws of mud and dirt each and every time for the best results.

Running down an odor can cause some consternation.  Luckily, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find the culprit.  All you need is a few simple questions.

  • Are there pets in the home;
  • Are they allowed on carpet;
  • Do they go outside at all;
  • Are you aware of any accidents on the carpet?

Homes without pets can consider the following questions, or use them in addition to the previous:

  • Any recent spills;
  • How long before the spill was noticed;
  • Did someone clean the spill completely;
  • Who walks on the carpet with shoes;
  • Did the carpet suffer any recent damage;
  • Was your carpet cleaned by the team from King’s Cleaning Solutions?

Now that you have pinpointed the issue, it is time to let the professionals at King’s Cleaning Solutions to come in and take over.  We will get to the bottom of the smell in short order and quickly get the smell from the carpet and out of your home.   One of your best bets for excellent cleaning solutions is to schedule regular cleaning sessions from your friends at King’s Cleaning Solutions.  We will come to your home on a regular basis and keep your carpets looking as good as new.

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