Do You Recommend Carpet Cleaning in the Winter?

Carpet Cleaning WinterThe truth is that wintertime is an excellent time to get the carpets cleaned. Below, we list some reasons why:

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You are worth it. One of the reason s to get your carpets cleaned in the wintertime is that you want your house to look fantastic for visiting relatives and friends during the holiday season. Nothing will make your house feel inviting and clean quite like newly cleaned carpeting. Even if you do not expect visitors, you’ll be spending more time at the house in the wintertime, so you want it to also look nice for you.

There are, of course, much more important reasons to clean the carpeting than just for looks. As a matter of fact, if you wait ‘til your carpeting looks dirty before cleaning it, you’ve waited too long. Soil damages carpeting, and dramatically reduces its usable life. Can you possibly imagine waiting ‘til your clothes appear dirty before you launder them? No. That’d be unhealthy and they’d likely start smelling before they appeared dirty. Carpet isn’t any different.

In the summertime, pollen and additional pollutants enter your house and get trapped inside the carpets. In autumn, mold spores are a lot more prevalent, again, getting trapped in the fibers of the carpet. All this just in time for you to close up things for winter and spend more time indoors… Not a very pretty picture, right?

It is bad enough that wintertime is the point when folks suffer from flu and cold without adding bad indoor air quality that aggravates conditions like allergies and asthma.

Carpets usually dry more quickly in the wintertime because of the low humidity and most people are using their furnaces. Dry, warm air is good for drying carpets! Clear away those winter blues. Keep in mind that during winter, the days are shorter. Darkness arrives earlier and usually lasts longer. A healthy, fresh, clean carpet is an excellent way to assist in fighting off the wintertime doldrums. A neat, clean house makes you feel better.

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