How Does Carpet Cleaning Help With Allergies?

Carpet Cleaning There are two supporting bodies when it pertains to asthma sufferers and the kind of flooring they ought to pick for their house. That leads us to the ongoing battle between hard floors and carpets.

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We came across testimonials from asthmatics who swear by the benefits of hardwood flooring in relation to their health. On the other hand, numerous studies conclude that carpeting improves the interior air quality by acting as a filter.

Allergens and airborne particles are naturally trapped into carpet fibers; therefore, individuals are more likely to breathe in air that is free of contaminants. Plus, so long as the cause for allergies are routinely removed through a variety of cleaning methods, carpeting at home actually will help an individual who has an allergies.


The majority of folks will vacuum their carpeting at least one time per week. However, if you’re asthmatic, you might consider vacuuming 2 – 3 times per week. A few allergy symptoms get exacerbated during certain seasons, for example, when pollen count is increased. If that’s the case, it’s recommended to adjust your frequency of vacuuming.

Deep cleaning

Carpet cleaning professionals at King’s Cleaning Solutions advise folks to have their textile floor professionally cleaned 1 – 2 times per year. And, if possible, for the ones suffering with specific allergic conditions – even more often. Pet dander, mold, pollen particles, and dust mites are successfully extracted from carpeting and other surfaces by using innovative cleaning methods.

Other steps

Folks with severe allergic reactions to specific antigens take extra precautions by selecting the proper kind of carpet that’s designed to relieve their condition. The manufacturing field has significantly evolved lately in that respect. There are various antimicrobial or hypoallergenic padding and carpeting in the market, which have very low levels of VOC and are simple to clean and maintain.

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