Before and After Carpet CleaningOffice furniture and floors can very quickly get dirty. With so many folks spending so much time within their cubicles, it ought to come as no shock that floors, upholstery, and desks in commercial spaces are breeding grounds for grimes, bacteria, and dirt. That is why cleaning office flooring and furniture correctly and regularly is critical to maintaining a productive, healthy environment. Discover how often you ought to be cleaning various office furniture:

How Often You Should Deep Clean Floors in the Office

The flooring your office features, as well as the amount of traffic your business experiences are going to change how often you might have to get it deep cleaned. As a general rule of thumb, all commercial flooring ought to be deep cleaned at least one or two times a year to extract set-in dander, dirt, bacteria, and allergens. Other spaces might require a deeper clean. Consider the below timelines for areas of high traffic to keep the floors of your company clean, as well as promote a healthy working environment:

Areas with moderately high traffic: These areas must be deep cleaned every couple of months. Spaces might include lobbies, meeting rooms, and hallways.

Areas with high traffic: Since those areas are more susceptible to accumulating debris and dirt, they must be deep cleaned as often as one time a month. Spaces might include bathrooms, office kitchens, and entranceways.

Areas with carpeted: Besides a routine maintenance plan, these areas must be deep cleaned at least one or two times per year to assist in removing built-up bacteria, dirt, and stains

How Often Should You Deep Clean Upholstery?

As it’ll come to deep cleaning, do not forget about the upholstery. As with carpeting, the fibers in upholstery are the ideal environment to harbor debris and dirt, which includes dust, allergens, oils, dead skin cells, and sweat. To decrease the number of allergens and dust from upholstery, you must get them professionally cleaned at least one time per year. In places of high traffic such as waiting rooms or lobbies, you might have to get them deep cleaned every 3 – 4 months to extract difficult-to-see contaminants.

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