Carpet dye is a fairly inexpensive and fast method of rejuvenating a carpet and an experienced application will give you gorgeous results. Though, it cannot always generate the color you desire, and depending upon the dye utilized, you may discover it fading quicker than you had hoped.carpet dyeing

What are the Pros?

  • Cost savings – Carpet dyeing costs from 20 to 60% less than having it replaced, which includes labor costs.


  • Fresh new color –Dyeing allows you to get an on-trend, new color without the waste and cost of tearing your current carpet out and investing in a new carpet.


  • Restored beauty – Particularly with pets and kids in the home, carpets quickly can pick stains up that even deep cleaning cannot remove. In a sunny room, the carpet may fade within only a couple of years.


What are the Cons?

  • Takes some effort – Carpet dyeing is less expensive than replacing it, yet it isn’t an easy and quick job. First off, there is the time it’ll take to discover the proper color to conceal any stains. For the dyeing work, you will have to spray the dye onto carpeting using a pressure sprayer then scrub it into the carpet fibers by hand. On the positive side, the majority of dyes dry within one hour.


  • Limited color option – A carpet only can be dyed a darker shade, and not a lighter one. The darker the stains you need to conceal, the darker the dye you will need, and that shade may not be exactly what you desired. If there’s a beige carpet, dyeing it a light-tan may not be sufficient to conceal all of the stains.


  • Does not work on all types of carpets – Dyeing works better on wool, nylon, and silk carpets, yet fortunately, the majority of modern carpeting is wool or nylon. Polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic fibers do not absorb dye well and may wind up unevenly colored. Some high-pile and stain-resistant carpets, like shag carpets, do not dye well, either.


Even if the carpet dye is made to last for years, if it is incorrectly applied, you may begin to see uneven coloring or stains will show through after only a year. A quality carpet dye applied by a skilled professional will last ten years or even longer.

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