Natural Stone Maintenance

Natural Stone Maintenance Kokomo IN

King’s Cleaning Solution professionals are certified in natural stone sealing and cleaning. Your flooring is going to appear almost brand new using our patented technology.

Process of Natural Stone Cleaning

Pre-Inspection: Every bit of natural stone restoration, cleaning and sealing projects have to be preceded by a complete pre-inspection. We will determine a tailored plan of care that is going to meet your unique needs for your unique flooring.

Preparation: Due to your home being important to you, it’s important to us; and we are going to take the required precautions that will protect all areas that surround your floors using blue tape and plastic sheets.

Cleaning: The process of cleaning is going to vary from one floor to another, and many variables involve maintenance, make-up, traffic, soiling conditions, use, and so on. While cleaning any stone floor, King’s Cleaning Solutions will use the most scientifically-advanced cleaning agents and your floor then is hand or machine scrubbed, as well as brushed. Lastly, our new floor cleaning tool that is linked to our hot water, truck-mounted removal system is used, which achieves optimal soil removal and the best overall results in cleaning.

Enhancers and Sealing: We’ll apply a clear impregnator that helps to protect the stone, as well as make it simpler to maintain. Depending upon the type of stone, a high gloss protection or enhancer may be applied.

Maintaining the Natural Stone Beauty

General cleaners that aren’t specifically made for natural tile or stone never are recommended. They might break the sealer down; therefore, extracting its protective properties and make the tile grout and stone prone to stains. And even worse, most cleaning products, which includes the ones containing vinegar, lemon, ammonia or bleach may etch away its polish, discolor its surface, or scratch the stone. Most cleaners have what’s referred to as a chelating agent inside them. The agent will break down and dissolve minerals inside hard water. Since all stone comprises of minerals, such cleaners are going to dissolve and lead to streaks over extended use.

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