Trends in Rugs for 2021

You never know how much your area rug might make or break your room until you strike the carpet jackpot and get it right. Between discovering the proper size for your space, as well as narrowing down the texture and pattern which appeals most to you, as well as your aesthetic, choosing a rug might be a time-consuming task—yet the beauty of it is how great a good-looking rug may tie an area together.

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Rug Layering

rug trends 2021

Can’t make a choice on a texture or pattern? Do you have an heirloom rug that is a bit too small for the living room? The layered rug aesthetic has become extremely popular in the past couple of years, and it is a wonderful way to have a good time with styles and textures. However, it is vital that you get it right and consider your space completely before layering. A bold, fun piece such as a cowhide rug looks fabulous over a more neutral option such as a wool or jute rug and permits you to cover more space without having to overpower the area.

Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug

beni ourain moroccan rug

One of Morocco’s largest exports is textiles, and it isn’t any wonder. The little African country makes amazing blankets and rugs like no other place. There are many kinds of Moroccan rugs, each rug unique in its craftsmanship and origin.

This Place of My Taste Beni Ourain rug is recognizable by the monochromatic tribal pattern. It’s possible to locate authentic artisanal variants at the majority of high-end furniture shops; however, if the price is too high, many retailers in America have made affordable and gorgeous replicas. The black-and-white diamond pattern and thick weave appearance of this rug is highly versatile and looks gorgeous in virtually all living rooms.

Fall in Love With a Chevron Rug

chevron rug

Chevron is a highly sought-after pattern of rug which packs a huge punch. This woven, subtle chevron rug by Nesting With Grace is an exceptional way to add pattern and texture to a room without having to overpower it. If you have been trying to experiment with mixing prints, chevron will look gorgeous with almost every pattern (tropical, striped, floral).

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