What’s the Easiest Type of Carpet to Clean?

best carpetingAs much as we enjoy a good bargain, purchasing high-quality carpet is what’s going to make all of the difference while choosing the best carpeting for your house. Having a good budget is understandable and easily can be worked with; however, do not sell yourself short while choosing which carpeting will work better for you. While searching for a high-quality material, one secret includes bending the carpeting back to check if the backing becomes exposed. If it’s possible to see the carpet’s backing, that isn’t a material you want to buy. Here are three kinds of carpeting that is easy to clean:

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It’s considered among the most durable of all materials and the simplest to clean. Nylon consists of strong nylon fibers which holds up against consistent wear and tear, bounces easily back to its initial shape after cleaning and is notorious for keeping its original appearance. Although nylon isn’t the most stain resistant, it’s well-known for easily removing stains. This type of carpeting is built to last and depending upon the home, may last as long as fifteen years.


This makes the top of our list for its stain resistant traits. Polyester is an oil based fiber that helps to repel anything that’s water based. Owners of pets should strongly consider polyester carpeting! With that being said, it isn’t resistant to oil based stains. When oil gets absorbed into the carpet fibers it may be extremely challenging to remove, which is the reason why it’s critical that you protect it from things such as beauty products or natural body oils. Other than looking for anything oil based, polyester carpeting requires very little to maintain.

Olefin (Polypropylene)

Like nylon, olefin fibers are notorious for being abrasion resistant and colorfast. They’re very easy to keep clean and are able to withstand high traffic volume. Olefin also is well-known to resist moisture and mildew, which is a plus for the ones in damper climates.

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